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Plato helps engineering + product leaders in developing their soft skills and building better teams. We've been working with Plato's team on a number of subjects : from enhancing their Slack-only experience with a Web experience, increasing their user acquisition through a website redesign, to even designing slide decks for their sales team. Today we're deeply involved in Plato's team objectives and we're designing new things every week !


The first part of the collaboration was to recreate all the features that lived only on their Slack bot onto an ad-hoc web application meant to support more features in the coming months. After few weeks of beta testing, Plato’s team decided to switch all their users to the new app, and started to add new parts to it such as mentor profiles and AMA videos.

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Ui kit

In order to ensure consistency and save time, we created an exhaustive UI Kit specifying all the application components. From day one it has been the reference for their developers and our design team.

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Marketing Website

After a huge rework of the product, it was time for Plato to communicate about their product. The goal for this website redesign was to acquire new customers and make Plato shine as a real player in the tech industry.

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