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ArtificialIntelligence forRadiologist

Gleamer is bringing AI to radiologists' workflow. By scanning radios and understanding human language, Gleamer increases medical focus on each case, and reduces error risk or bottlenecks for radiologists. Our studio is working with Gleamer's team on two main subject : Cracking the highly interactive & custom experience on the product, and creating a strong and trustworthy visual language to make the value proposition easy to understand.


In order to design the right user experience on a product as technical as Gleamer, the only efficient way was to include the users from the very beginning in our process. First through several focus groups with 2 or 3 radiologists per session we understood deeply their habits as well as their day to day frustrations. It helped us define precisely their needs in order to build a first version that we constantly improved through tests and iterations.

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Ui kit

In parallel to product design, we created the whole visual identity of Gleamer brand. Impactful, reassuring and deeply medical related were the main goals of the work around the new branding. Deployed on supports such as flyers, rollups and landing page, this new branding helps Gleamer's team to position themselves as a strong and growing company to their partners and prospective clients.

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Marketing Website

Gleamer needed some visibility online to communicate about their concept.

We worked on presenting the product visually through illustrations that helps people understand the intent of their product without giving too many details about it as the product isn't released yet.

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Gleamer's team needed a short illustrated video to explain their product during a convention.

The real challenge was to animate a complex product and make it easy for the audience to grasp within a 2 minutes video.

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