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The nextGeneration inPrivacy solutions

Didomi helps companies ensure their compliance with data privacy regulations by providing them with tools full of automation and intelligence. We've been working with Didomi's team from the very beginning in order to create and maintain a simple user experience for their data privacy products.

compliance console

Building a back office to configure the entire online data policy of a company can be tricky to design : While Didomi's automated scripts do a huge part of the job, a Digital Privacy Officer should be able to manually add and edit vendors, data collected and user consent to their compliance console. After 6 months of UX & UI design, Didomi's compliance console is convincing prospective clients directly during sales meeting. As of today the console keeps evolving with new features as well as improvements to the existing features.

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Privacy Center

The privacy center is the interface used by an end user who wants to have a clear view of their data. It sports their clients' colors and gives them all the keys to manage what data and how their users accept their use.

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Marketing Website

Built to carry Didomi's value proposition and sell their main features, the website advertises their two products, compiles their entire documentation and presents the pricing to prospective clients.

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